Old Time Radio CFR Off The Air Temporarily

Recently we ran in to some problems with our server provider, at first we simply contended with the issues as they didn’t seem too serious but just the other day our provider lost their server.  Even though we have been with them for several years we decided that it was time to move on to a more reliable server provider.   We feel that we have come in to a much more fortunate situation with one we just allocated. We now have a much higher listener cap, and much larger storage space for less money, with a provider that has been in business since 2002.

At present we have already started uploading our playlist to the new server. The process will take a few days as we have over 20 gigabytes of audio to upload, once we have completed the task we will post the new address for the station. Having a larger storage space means we can continue to add more shows to our playlist as we have a large archive of shows that were not listed on our previous server. Also there will be the ability to add more specific hourly presentations,  holiday shows, and the ability to do live shows in the future.

Our goal at present is to get our Christmas/Holiday show up and running the week before Christmas, for us it would be the best gift we could give you, our faithful listeners.

Best Regards

Johnny Knight: Station Manager